ShipStream is inventory management’s best friend.

With ShipStream, you know where to go and what to do every second of every day. We’ve done the thinking for you. Less stress for you and for your employees. That’s how you scale a fulfillment center.

Serving People Through Lean Logistics

Lean logistics puts people where they should be — first. We want every employee to succeed and grow, which is why we offer top-notch education and systems that are easy to use. Experience operational excellence.

Serving People Through Lean Logistics

Lean Training & Empowerment

We serve people by creating lean communities and offering online training. With its user-friendly and intuitive UI, ShipStream takes the headache out of training employees. And when you need help, we’ll be here for you.

5S & Warehouse Design Tools

We serve the lean logistics process by creating technology that is focused on excellence. Through our 5S and warehouse design tools, ShipStream’s robust lean solutions create all-around efficiency. Our visual tools bring data front-and-center — a place for everything, and everything in its place. 

Data Visibility

With expertise in the lean fulfillment industry, ShipStream offers data visibility tools that tell you not only how your business is doing every second of every day, but that give you peace of mind by allowing you and your employees to make data-driven decisions.


ShipStream provides tools that help you manage your world when things don’t go as planned.Our tools identify mispicks, root causes, countermeasures, and allow you and your people to continuously improve operations.

Serving Process Through Lean Inventory

Our warehouse management software guides employees smoothly and efficiently through the inventory process. We turn data into actionable information, making everyone’s job easier. 

Live Inventory

Clients and customers want to see what’s in stock now, not in the past. ShipStream provides real-time data so that customers know what to buy and you know what to ship. Voila. 

Barcode Guided

Your pickers and packers are your frontline heros. ShipStream guides your pickers to the right locations efficiently and enforces pick accuracy. User-friendly barcode-based UI ensures fast and accurate packing.

Less Clicking

Scanning a big list of barcodes into a text field with no real interactivity isn’t super helpful. ShipStream, however, immediately confirms or rejects the scan before moving on to the next step. No more switching between different input methods.

Flexible Scripts

Tired of getting lost in configurations?Achieve higher levels of customization using simple Javascript snippets in minutes — without paying for expensive customizations.