Why ShipStream?

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Juggling spreadsheets. Shuffling paperwork. Chaos in the warehouse.
Life at a fulfillment center can get stressful without the right systems in place. ShipStream streamlines warehouse management without sacrificing efficiency. 

Sound impossible? 

It’s really not.

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Our cloud-based data visualization, based on lean fulfillment principles, tells you how your business is doing every second of every day. 

Upgrade to a WMS that works as hard as you do. Goodbye, clipboards and chaos. Hello, quality and control.

Warehouse Design Tools

Extreme optimization. Use our tools to improve workflow, productivity and inventory management.

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Philosophy of Lean Fulfillment

Waste is the enemy of efficiency. ShipStream embraces lean fulfillment as a systematic approach to tightening up inventory and supply chains. Save time and space while increasing your peace of mind.

Reliable WMS
Predictable data

Paperwork weighing you down? Pickers scrambling to sort paperwork and check off boxes to manage inventory can really slow you down. ShipStream streamlines your fulfillment center by enabling technology on the wrists of your pickers and packers. 

Our lean approach is built into our warehouse management software, bringing every bit of data to your fingertips. 

  • Real-time inventory display — know what’s in stock now in your fulfillment center. 
  • Third-party plugins
  • Multiple integrations with ecommerce platforms
  • 3PL billing solutions
  • Inventory management 
  • Warehouse design
  • Shipping management
  • Electronic cycle counting
  • Dock door scheduling
  • Wireless warehouse
  • Part tracking
  • Billing
  • Hyper picking
  • Workforce time management 
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Real-time data
  • Warehouse map

ShipStream’s Pricing

Take a deep dive into the features that make our customers' lives easier.

ShipStream for Merchants
$ 499 /mo.
5 users
1 warehouse
∞ orders
∞ products
∞ brands

$59 / mo. per additional user
$249 / mo. per additional warehouse

Merchants Details

Merchants have one inventory and order pool but may create any number of brands within their account. All functionality is included except for 3PL-specific features.

You will only be charged for users who were active since the last billing cycle.

Users are deemed "active" when they log-in or show activity.

Any changes to the number of active users will be reflected on your next invoice.